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Instant Performance Objectives

Is this you?

Are Your a Business Owner?A Business Owner
who knows that your employees could perform better - if only you had the time to describe better performance in a way that your employees could understand and accept? Read on and you'll see we have just the solution for you...

Are you a Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor?A Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor
who’s under pressure to improve the way your team works - the way they deal with clients or work as a team or handle change - but you don't know how to persuade them to improve their performance in these areas. Read on and you'll see we have just the solution...

Are you an HR Personnel Manager?
An HR or Personnel Manager
who's tired of having to deal with problems as a result of managers not being able to describe clearly what they want from the people they manage? Read on and you'll see we have just the solution for you...


Now, just take a moment and imagine if you could...

Have at your fingertips a wide range of performance objectives that you can use to describe in detail what better performance looks like AND a step-by-step guide for discussing these objectives with your employees in a way that gains  commitment to improving their performance

Having access to hundreds of performance objectives that will help you to describe to your team why and how you need them to improve the way they work AND a proven technique for describing the objectives in a way that actually improves job satisfaction

Having over 200 performance objectives that you can cut and paste and use immediately to coach managers in how to describe exactly what they want from their staff AND a step-by-step approach for using the performance objectives to give the type of performance feedback that improves employee performance and job satisfaction    

You Can? Then look no further because today you can get access to over 200 Performance Objectives that you can use NOW to improve Employee Performance, Business Performance, and Employee Job Satisfaction

Instant Performance Objectives

You see I've documented performance objectives over the last 15 years and now I've put all my knowledge and expertise into an easy-to-use, digital workbook that you can use over and over again called ‘Instant Performance Objectives’.

You'll find over 200 performance objectives that you can cut and paste, or edit and amend and USE TODAY to begin improving your employee’s performance

There are performance objectives for the quantifiable – the quantity, quality and time elements of the job such as:





And a whole range of Performance Objectives for those tricky areas of the job that most managers and business owners find really difficult to describe such as...

The ability to work under pressure

Negotiation skills

Effective time management



Managing staff performance

Effective decision making

Assertive behaviour


Listening skills

Being solution focused

Questioning skills

Effective team work

Dealing with requests

Dealing with conflict

Effective telephone skills

Client servicing

Communicating change

New business and fee generation

Managing reactions to change

Presenting to clients

Being open to change


Presenting a case for change

After you've selected the performance objectives
you then simply follow my step-by-step guide for:

discussing objectives in a way that gains your employee’s commitment to achieving those objectives (we even provide you with a script you can use)

monitoring performance against the objective (and how to get your employee involved in monitoring their own performance)

giving feedback on performance against the objectives – just the type of feedback needed to significantly improve performance

Instant Performance Objectives

Take a look at what people are saying about this valuable resource...

‘This is a great tool – easy to understand, easy to use and practical. We need to get better at describing what we are looking for from our employees – you can rummage around in this book and find a whole range of excellent descriptions written in clear action focused language. Highly recommended’
Sean Kirk, L&D Manager


Instant Performance Objectives is a must read for any manager, business owner or leader who wants to get the best from employees and improve organisational performance. It answers the key questions, provides insightful examples, as well as model performance objectives for all of the key areas that contribute to organisational success. Before I set up my own business, I spent 25 years working in major organisations and never came across anything as comprehensive, practical and easy to use as the content in this e-book. Whether you are just starting out with performance objectives or are reviewing your current processes, this e-book is for you.
Duncan Brodie, Managing Director, Goals and Achievements Ltd


‘I’m always looking for tools to help managers’ build their competence and confidence in writing objectives, particularly objectives that bring about changes to behavior. Having some good examples and a step-by-step process to follow means that it is clear and simple to use. A small book that is a great resource.’
Brian Chapman, Capability Manager

OK, let's talk business....

  • If you commission an external consultant to RESEARCH and WRITE just one of these areas of performance objectives it would cost you around $1500

  • You could spend dozens of hours (blood, sweat and tears optional!) writing these performance objectives yourself

  • You could even spend hundreds of $$$ dollars on books that just offer theory or worse still, end up spending thousands of $$$ dollars on training courses that won't give you the practical tools for improving performance with powerful performance objectives

Now I'm going to tell you about my

The first 100 people to sign up for the new updated ‘Instant Performance Objectives' pay just $17!!

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