Why Monitor Employee Performance?

employee performanceThe Purpose of Monitoring Employee Performance Against Objectives

Have you ever been in this situation: It’s your appraisal meeting. As you enter the room you find your manager frantically scrabbling in her drawer trying to find copies of the performance objectives you last agreed – 12 months ago. She finds the objectives, blows off the dust and you both stare at them blankly?

You would be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t!) how many business owners and managers I know who having done some excellent work agreeing performance objectives with their employees then do … nothing. Clearly once you have agreed the objective you then need to agree how you are going to monitor performance against that objective


Clear Objectives with Effective Measures

Because research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve performance by over 30%? Well here’s the part about ‘effective measures’ (and it’s impossible to measure employee performance without monitoring it)

Performance Feedback on Objectives

Also by effectively monitoring employee performance you gather the information you need to give feedback which is;

  • Accurate
  • Objective
  • Balanced

The type of feedback that employee’s tell us they want more of, because they find it constructive and motivational, and which improves employee performance

Showing you value the employee

Also, by monitoring employee performance, you demonstrate to your employee’s;

  •  How important you consider their work to be
  • How much you value their contribution to the business

After all, why would you bother monitoring employee performance if you didn’t think that performance was valuable? I guess you wouldn’t. When you monitor performance you pay attention to your employee’s work and that, in itself, is motivational

Monitoring Employee Performance – what does it actually mean?

Monitoring employee performance is a structured, planned activity where both you and your employee collect examples and samples of their actual performance for comparison against the performance objectives you’ve agreed

And a quick word about what monitoring isn’t – it isn’t about checking every bit of your employee’s work or about following them around. It’s about collecting examples and samples

employee performanceClearly you can’t effectively monitor performance without first agreeing performance objectives. To find out how to agree performance objectives grab a copy of my FREE Special ReportPerformance Objectives Made Easy’ today!

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